26 June 2008

Ryan Brings Home the Bacon

Congressman Tim Ryan Secures $1.2 Million Dollars for Crime Prevention Programs

Money secured in Commerce, Justice and Science Spending Bill to be used for inner city youth-sports programs, crime cameras, help corrections track inmates, rehabilitate woman offenders

(Washington, DC) -- Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-17), a member of the House Appropriations Committee, has secured $1.2 million dollars from the Commerce, Justice and Science spending bill for purposes of crime prevention and justice. The four earmarks target every level of the justice system, including prevention, detection, corrections and rehabilitation.

“Crime is a complex problem with many root causes. It’s my belief that these earmarks will help keep our citizens from going down the wrong path, help solve violent crimes in communities, help officers keep track of inmates and help rehabilitate some criminals in hopes they can find a better life,” said Congressman Ryan. “These programs compliment the other work I have been doing to bring better education, better jobs and a better quality of life to the valley.”

“Congressman Ryan has once again shown an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life in the City of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley,” said Mayor Jay Williams of Youngstown. “The work of reducing crime and improving safety must begin at the grass roots level however, without the critical financial resources to assist in those efforts the task becomes insurmountable. The financial investment in the safety of our citizens made possible through Congressman Tim Ryan, speaks volumes to his ongoing dedication and concern for our communities. We look forward to continuing our charge of Defending Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.”

"It is widely known that positive police/community relationships assist in deterring crime. The City of Warren is grateful for Congressman Ryan’s efforts in securing funds to assist our community so that we can develop an ongoing Police Athletic League Program which will add to the quality of life in our community," said Mayor Michael O’Brien of Warren

An explanation of the programs can be found below:

AWARD: $300,000

Mahoning County: Inmate Management; Request: $390,000 from the Edward Byrne Grant (U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs).

Acquiring Jailview® Management System technology allows Mahoning County to interface current County and City Courts systems, Courtview®, to the Mahoning County Justice Center. The program supports single point data entry and up-to-the-minute inmate information. Jail data would be seamlessly derived through software licensing and integrated through a RAM Server. Jailview® has 125 pre-defined reports but allows flexibility to create and define new reports, track cell assignments, sentencing information and more.

AWARD: $530,000.

Youngstown: Youngstown Shotspotters (City of Youngstown Neighborhood Safety Initiative); Request: $750,000 from the Edward Byrne Grant (U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs). The City of Youngstown is embarking on a series of new safety initiatives in an effort to reduce crime in various neighborhoods. In addition to traditional crime fighting activities, the city is seeking to deploy equipment and technology that will allow for gunshot detection and video surveillance in areas that have statistical patterns of heightened criminal activity.The total project cost:

AWARD: $300,000.

Youngstown/Warren: Ohio Police Athletic League, Request $300,000 from the Edward Byrne Grant. To organize, create, and maintain recreational and educational activities twelve months out of the year for the youth of our community and surrounding areas as an alternative to delinquent acts and/or criminal behavior. Our organization uses police officers working as participants (coaches/mentors) and supervisors in these activities thereby forging a friendship between the youth and police officers. The organization provides opportunities for youth to participate in team sports in a safe well-supervised environment. It promotes the ideals of good sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, “healthy” competition, healthy lifestyles, drug free environments, and educational success. Funds will be used for equipment, insurance, site preparation, tutoring, transportation and medical services.

AWARD: $120,000.

Warren: UMIDOAP, Project 180; Request: $121,000 from the Edward Byrne Grant (U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs). Project 180 is designed to work with incarcerated women through targeted Pre-Release Initiatives and reduce the recidivism rates upon release from the institution. Project 180 will also assist women who are at any stage of contact within the criminal justice system to achieve stability, meet short and long term goals on their way to becoming full participants in community life. The program’s goal is to improve the success rates for women’s full reintegration into their communities and families.