28 November 2007

walkability and the american dream

The Mahoning Valley View gives a spritied critique of the way we transport ourselves in this day and age.
"You see, it is my very strong belief that a true community cannot exist without connectivity - and most importantly, walkability. My version of the American Dream certainly doesn't involve buying a huge, secluded house somewhere in no-man's land... it's more along the lines of a cozy brownstone or bungalow, in a neighborhood dotted with mature trees, sidewalks, front porches, and convenience retail. It involves traffic, sure - but not simply of the motorized variety. It's full of folks walking dogs, walking themselves, riding bikes, pushing strollers, waiting for the #32 bus, or jogging to the quiet thumping of their iPod. It's a dream where I can leave my house and walk to work (at least on days with no out-of-town meetings), walk from work to meetings or a coffee shop, and then walk to a great bistro before heading home to chat with my neighbors and family about the day."
You can read more from the post here.

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