28 November 2007

Looking for Operatunities

The Stage @ The Oakland provides this interesting look at the emerging opera scene in town.
"Did you know that our little rust bucket houses one of the only Opera companies in the state? Opera Western Reserve began 4 years ago on little more than a pile of dreams and a whisper of hope. Oh, and a buttload of talent.

I don't know what it is about this area, but we breed opera singers. The level of talent amongst us is amazing. I mean, we know we harbor some of the most talented singers, actors, dancers, artists, photographers, clothing designers, sculptors, directors, and writers -- but who knew we had a little bunch of mad good barritones, sopranos, and tenors (ughh, tenors) in our midst as well?"

"Most of the aspects of pop culture we love most take root in opera. Operas are notoriously full of love, passion, sex, affairs, betrayal, naivitee, murder, plotting, back-stabbing, fights, assassins, villains and heroes and heroines. Operas usually involve goofy mix ups -- think Three's Company but with every plot sung by the actors as they yuk it up with prat falls. Think The Sopranos but somehow even more Italian. Think every drag show you ever saw, ever, because people are always disguising themsleves as the opposite sex in Opera -- often with dire consequences. Operas don't usually have happy endings, either. They are painful and abrupt, leaving you contemplating deep issues or sometimes sobbing."

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