16 May 2008

news: 15 Dec 2008

Unfortunate but Necessary: Marc Dann had to Go
from the Business-Journal
"In a statement issued by his office, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan offered only that his prayers were with Dann and his family. Dann was appointed in 2002 to the state senate seat held by Ryan, who had defeated him in the 2000 Democratic primary for the seat.

Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams reflected that Dann’s involvement in monitoring the financial problems at Forum Health “was truly both necessary and vital to brining that particular situation to a stage” where the parties involved could sit down and address it.

“Mark was really doing some good work on behalf of this community, and to have all of that now come to an end the way it did is just tragic,” he remarked.

Additionally, Williams said he was “saddened and frustrated at what’s being said about the Mahoning Valley and the city of Youngstown” as a result of the scandal. “None of this happened in Youngstown, but it’s Youngstown that is being held up and this is not really a Youngstown issue,” the mayor remarked."

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