01 May 2008

The YLM story

Jambrain provides a historical perspective to the beginning of Youngstown Local Music - YLM.
"VexFest proved it was possible to have a major musical event in downtown Youngstown without the hassles associated with the area in the past. That was not a minor accomplishment.

Now, knowing they could do it, DeCapua and his Youngstown Local Music partners wanted to do a festival that was purely festive; to kick off springtime downtown with good time music, games, food, drinks. That’s what JonesFest, May 31 will be. Good music, positive vibes, all day; influencing local music by selecting and promoting it.

Jimmy D envisions Jones For Revival as a regional touring band, playing 100 shows a year on three tours and providing a living (and health insurance) for the band members, and sees Youngstown Local Music influencing the development of local music and even the rebirth and growth of Youngstown, which he loves."
read more on the players involved and upcoming events here.

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