07 May 2008

community college to begin in 16 months

Mahoning Valley Community College Becomes Certainty
in the Business-Journal
The Mahoning Valley will have a community college, the chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents announced Monday, and it will open its doors to students for the fall 2009 term.

In the Chevrolet Centre Monday, Chancellor Eric Fingerhut promised a room filled with Mahoning Valley education and political leaders that the two-year college will be ready for students in roughly 16 months with an undetermined number of classrooms and instructors prepared to begin teaching.

The college, however, will not have its own campus and be concentrated in one location. Instead it will likely use classrooms at Youngstown State University, in the Salem and Champion campuses of Kent State University, and the Mahoning County and Trumbull County technical and careers centers.
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Tyler said...

Great news and a welcome development. Something the area sorely needs.