11 February 2008

activities in the wintertime

Steel Valley Outdoors pontificates why some people are agressively defacing the natural beauty of Mill Creek Park:
"According to Mill Creek Metropark’s Mission Statement, the park is to be:

- Responsive to Community Needs
- Environmentally Sound
- Adaptable
- Economically Feasible

Now, I don’t know if rockclimbing is economically feasible, But I do know that kids today want to do more than play frisbee in the flats and stroll through Fellows.

The ice rink is closed, the swings are down.There’s no snow for the sledding hill. There’s no mountain bike trails, no rock climbing, no skateboard park, no paintball arena.

I’ve seen some progress, and hope there’s more. After all, I know the boating regulations have been updated. But it seems that most of the programs and policies that the park adopts are designed for adults."

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