07 February 2008

pavlik and youngstown in SI this week

Richard Hoffer has a piece on Kelly in this week's Sports Illunstrated:
"The 25-year-old Pavlik may be getting this ink not so much because he's from Youngstown but because he is Youngstown.

But Pavlik is so grounded in Youngstown that it's difficult to sort the city from the son. He not only returns to his hometown after each win, but he also comes back to Civics, for darts and (when he's not training) beer. This is partly because the ambience suits him but mostly because it's four minutes away. That is, four minutes away from everything -- gym, home, parents. His fans find the triangulation quite reassuring."

"Pavlik eats the supper his father has prepared -- chicken and broccoli, usually, with cabbage soup for a late-night snack -- then crashes on the living room couch."
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Jem said...

It used to be that when I told people I was from Youngstown people would bring up crime, the mob or Traficant or say things like "When I moved to Columbus/Ohio they said to never trust anyone from Youngstown." These days it's different. This morning I was speaking with a man from Somali and when he heard that I was from Youngstown his response was an enthusiastic "You have middle weight champion!!!" He went on for 10 minuites in his charming broken English about what a great fighter Kelly is. Usually, it's me trying to convince the other person why it's not odd that I'm proud to be from Youngstown. This man, despite my enthusiasm, didn't seem to think I was proud enough.