14 February 2008

a DY exclusive

Defend Youngstown links to a story:
"Greg Smith, a freelance journalist from Cincinnati, has completed an absolutely remarkable article analyzing the current state of affairs regarding the sport of boxing, American culture, economy, generational differences as well as the die-hard city Youngstown, Ohio and Kelly Pavlik.

It is a story of how Kelly Pavlik and his city are bucking modern trends and discarding traditional labels, respectively...the significance and symbolism of his rise to stardom despite the most improbable of odds in today's post-industrial culture- one mixed with a generation who built the cities only to see them crumble attempting to coexist and understand an independent minded generation who must appreciate the past to recreate the future...and the complex, iconic Rust Belt city in the middle of it all - one that has stubbornly called its own shots and has blazed it's own trails…sometimes, tragically, to a fault."
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