28 February 2008

two gems from the venture capital conference

From the Northeast Ohio Incubator Collaborativeblog:
"If you didn’t attend last week’s Ohio Venture Association’s Venture Capital Summit III last week at Corporate College East, you missed a great event. Panels included a conversation with leading Northeast Ohio angels, representatives of three VC firms that have recently set up shop in Northeast Ohio, and a panel on how to present to VC’s.

The last panel was especially interesting as Jerry Frantz, an EIR from JumpStart, was tapped to “present” to three area VC partners. The presentation was a real proposal for funding, courtesy of an area entrepreneur. What was interesting was that at any time during the presentation, you could yell “freeze” and ask any of the VCs a question. It was fascinating to hear what actually goes through their mind during one of these presentations."
want to see what they we thinking? read more here.

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