19 February 2008

his night on the streets of the Yo

Matt Palka describes his recent return to Youngstown and the recording studio (and downtown establishments):
"I've been back in the studio in the YO (Youngstown, OH) adding brass, keys, harmonica and vocals. What was supposed to be one full day of recording turned into a week of adventures."

"Working with engineer Pete Drivere was a privilege. He gets the classic, timeless landscape that I inhabit and captured that in the recording. I even got Pete to lay down some guitar licks on a couple tracks, which really glued the whole composition together.

Local keys wizard Chris Leonardi worked his magic armed with a 1971 Hammond B3 w/ Leslie, Fender Rhodes, and piano to boot! The result being - half of the record sounds reminiscent of the late 60s and early 70s. Rounding out the caravan of musicians was Fredo on Saxophone from local jam band Jones 4 Revival. What a positive personality to add to the mix, not to mention soulful phrasings."
and then after some film editing . . .

"I was locked out of his apartment complex. By 3 AM I was wandering the Youngstown streets among snow flurries . . .

Then salvation came in a phone call. My heavy boot steps plodded over the snow dusted sidewalks. Minutes later my limp body fell into the couch and I was out. I think I've earned my Youngstown stripes."
read more on Matt's adventures here.

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