04 February 2008

two posts from Youngstown Art

Youngstown Art reviews the Vallene Hardman-Weeda exhibit at the Andrew and Carol Weller Art Gallery.
"My favorite work is the "Drying Specimens" series. These are mixed media pieces which feature Ginkgo leaves and various natural materials adhered to sheets of ragged paper with a glaze of golden-brown epoxy. They are suspended from the walls with stainless steel specimen clamps and underneath sheets of Plexiglass."
and he continues . . .
"Once again he was jaw-droppingly amazed at the view from the cafe' with the new fallen snow clinging to tree branches and Lake Glacier glistening like polished silver. We had the soup, mine being vegetable and his potato. Needless to say it was delicious and perfect for a cold winter day."
read more here.

Next up, the blog reveals pictures of victimized nature - at the hands of some assmunches in Mill Creek Park:
"This piece is truly the coup de' tat of the Bear's Den Graffiti Collection. It is a large work well over 4x10 feet. Multiple colors are used and appears to be the cumulative work of several artists. One can see the anguish, joy, fears, and spiritual electricity that pulse through the veins of our youth. Those old cave painters of Lascaux have nothing on this bunch!"

It's probably best for me not to repost the blog, since it may feed the ego of those who did this. But if anyone ever sees someone doing this in the future, please call the police.

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