24 February 2008

Youngstown Art is really churning

The Youngstown Art blog three posts this week worth reading:

The first reviews the opening of the Frederic Molden collection now at the Star Gallery at the Oakland Theater.
"A Youngstown based artist with a substantial resume', his work has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and is in the collections of such personalities as Michael Jordan and Jerome Bettis."

"The skill level is amazing as is the use of color and composition. Much of the work is heavy with history and nostalgia, which some people may feel is a negative in certain artistic circumstances. However, Molden's rich technique and insight take this genre to a new and pleasing level. In many ways I am reminded of the great African American painter from Cleveland, Huey Lee Smith, although Molden certainly has his own unique style."

"The Star Gallery is open during regular performance hours and one does not have to attend the performance to visit the gallery."
The second post is a request:
"In fact, if I wrote a blog every single day of the year, I would not adequately cover all the events , artists and the issues surrounding them. Currently this blog barely scratches the surface. I am writing only on the things that affect me directly.

I am requesting that others get involved. It would be so nice to have the Butler Institute and the McDonough Museum offer blogs on their shows and events. Other art organizations such as TAG and the Art Outreach Gallery (Eastwood Mall) need bloggers as well.

I often hear art supporters and artists complaining about various issues but I don't often see them actually doing anything to change the situations. Blogging is an excellent way to make a difference. One of the problems that afflict our art community is lack of communication. Many people are working to dispel the misconceptions and wrong assumptions that have arisen.

Blogging is effective cure for the diseases of miscommunication and lack of communication. Besides, blogging is fun, easy, and definitely creates immediate change. Don't hesitate!"
The third post reviews the Art Youngstown Inc. Wine Tasting Event at the Youngstown Club downtown:
"Congratulations again to Art Youngstown for yet another successful, well attended art event. Thanks to Emerine Estates and the Youngstown Club for the Wine, the use of the hall and the staff.

These pics were shot well before most of the guests arrived and the place was full by mid evening, but not uncomfortably so.

To say this event was a "wine tasting" is an understatement as the wine flowed freely and abundantly all night."

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