13 January 2008

5th Avenue neighborhood now on 2010 site

New on the Youngstown 2010 site is a description of another neighborhood:
"Fifth Avenue is referred to as the crown jewel neighborhood of Youngstown. The area was home to some of the most influential families of Youngstown’s glorious past - captains of industry and retail.

Today, the neighborhood is home to a diverse mix of professionals, scholars, independent business owners and retirees. The majority of homeowners have lived in the neighborhood for many, many years. Stores, banks, healthcare and medical facilities are within a 10 minute walk of the neighborhood. Other city assets such as Youngstown State University, the downtown, The Butler Institute of American Art, McDonough Museum of Art and three city parks are within a scant two miles.

Situated within the Crandall Park – Fifth Avenue Historic District, these homes were built between 1913 and 1940 in an era which has become known as Youngstown’s Golden Age. Known for their ample size and set on spacious, landscaped lots to reflect the wealth and prosperity of the time, the high quality brick and stone homes were and still are marvels to look at and are rarely duplicated in today’s era. Most of the 52 single-family homes are in the architecture styles of English Revival, Colonial Revival, Dutch Colonial Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Chateauesque or Norman."

You can download a powerpoint presentation of homes in the 5th Avenue neighborhood here.

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