12 January 2008

How to Fight Lenders Over Abandoned Homes

Tales from the Rust Belt reviews some recent stories about programs in Buffalo and Cleveland:
"The real brilliance to this approach is that New York state "amended the definition of "owner" in its property maintenance code to include not just titleholders but others who had "control" over a premises." This allows Cooper to drag even the largest firms into court. Lenders contend they own a lien on the property and not the property itself but that argument falls flat in reality. It is in their best interest to maintain their investment and the community in which they do business. If they do not understand that it is altogether proper that the courts in the communities remind them of their responsibilities.

Cooper is a true crusader, eloquently using the law to protect Buffalo from the growing blight that is threatening the entire Rustbelt. Youngstown and Warren could capitalize on this idea, especially since it compliments the Youngstown 2010 plan so well."

So what is the plan? Read more from Tales from the Rust Belt here.

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