24 January 2008

news: 24 jan 2008

Economy Must Hone Strengths, Chamber Told
excellent summary from the Business-Journal

Ned came to town yesterday.
"The Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce also sponsored his [dr. hill's] appearance. The president of the Regional Chamber, Tom Humphries, presented the breakfast as an initiative for increased cooperation among the economic development agencies in the two valleys."

"Manufacturing continues to make strides in productivity and remain profitable. “If you look just at employment,” Hill pointed out, you’re looking at the wrong statistic as a measure of economic health.” Because of the advances in productivity, employment in this sector will continue to decline and those who work in this sector will need more and better training."

"Too many small businesses have owners who run what Hill calls “lifestyle companies,” that is, enterprises satisfied with their level of revenues, that don’t seek to innovate, because the owner has enough for a comfortable existence."

"To those who point out the Mahoning Valley is half way between Cleveland and Pittsburgh as well as Chicago and New York, therefore attractive to businesses looking to locate here, Hill responds, “Location is not as important as the quality of life” a company can provide its employees."
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Better-paying jobs gaining ground in Northeast Ohio
from the Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Northeast Ohio still has twice as many jobs that pay below average as above, but the Team NEO study adds to a sense that the region may have begun to move from the rust belt years to the age of technology and innovation.

"The fact is our job growth has been pretty modest . . . but the data is showing a steady trend toward higher-paying work," said Tom Waltermire, chief executive of Team NEO, the economic development group releasing the study.

The analysis looked at job growth or loss in 22 occupations since 1992, in a 16-county region."
links to Team NEO's insights here.

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