03 January 2008

in the moonlight eddie

The Oakland is hosting a new show this month. Check out their blog for more information.
"Also not to be missed: our facelift! We are curently undergoing a paint job, ever so generously donated and designed by Something New Florist, the area's premiere design store and event coordinators. Check out the daring new color combo adorning our walls: orange, blue, and green! We can't wait to see the final product, or you!"

Also recounted is this separate post on First Night:
"If you're like my lame loser friends, you're probably passing this begrudgingly slow time post-xmas/pre-new year by whining to anyone within hearing distance: "I have noooothing to do on New Year's Eve! There's never anything cool happening!!"

Well, here's what I have to say to you lameo squares: Ring in the new year with FIRST NIGHT YOUNGSTOWN. Something for EVERYONE from toddlers to teens, hipster 20-somethings to peppy seniors! Tix are unbelievably cheap: $10 for adults, $5 for students with valid ID, and kids under 12 FREE!!"

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