10 January 2008

triple blog delight from the oakland

The Stage at the Oakland blog unleashed a triple dose of saucyness:

First, In the Moonlight Eddie Kicks Off 2008
"The play is a nostalgic show highlighting the strain between a father and son pursuing their dreams in New York City. Both creative types, they find their way back to each other as Eddie recovers from a nervous breakdown and Gil recovers from his first big hit show in years.

Second, Barzak snags Award
"It was officially announced today that CHRISTOPHER BARZAK, author of the fabulous Youngstown-based novel ONE FOR SORROW has been honored with the prestigious CRAWFORD AWARD for BEST FIRST NOVEL. There's only one winner of this award, and because it's the first literary award announced this year, it's kind of a big deal.

Check the Press Release below, and please feel free to repost the news for posterity and publicity's sake. Remeber, great things happen everywhere, everyday...but they're much better when they happen in Youngstown! "

Third, Retail Therapy
"There are no independent designers, and the few boutiques we do have stock the same designers you can find in the mall. And some other trendy, high-end ones that appeal to doctor's wives in Poland.

But no one sells locally-designed or hand-made clothing. And that's disappointing. The closest outlet we have is Ohio Vintage. We need more indie boutiques downtown, ones that stock a variety of clothes, jewelery, handbags, luggage, shoes, and fun little pieces. Christ, I'd settle for one single all-in-one boutique somewhere among the sea of bars on W. Federal."

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