27 January 2008

YR's experience last night

Youngtown Renaissance reviews his thoughts on a community meeting last night, but first reflects on being quoted in the local newpaper:
"I feel like I have something clever to say, but it never quite comes out quite like I think I said it."
I keep wondering how frustrating it must be for public officals to open their paper the next day after a big story to see their main taking points slightly altered. They must be wanting to get across a message, and to have it amended (not amended maliciously however) has to be rough.

Anyway, back to his blog:
"Now, to the meat of last night's discussions. First, we'd like to thank those who attended. It was a real success, not only because gatherings like this can so easily devolve into bitch sessions. Everyone brought constructive insights and experiences to share and respectfully shared the floor with others. There were representatives of city government, law enforcement, criminal justice, public education, newspaper journalism, as well as humble rank-and-file citizens (including me)."

"There are plenty of logistical questions to be answered. It will take time to work up to the successful framework that will support this. I don't know who will support it and how. I don't know what the right size is, and that will probably vary depending on location; the size of a cell on the north side will be different than on the south side or east side. But we've got to organize, with the help of every official and unofficial body that is willing to participate.

It's going to take every block, every school, every church, every community center, every hospital, every business, every civic organization, every non-profit organization, every arts organization, every book club, every sentient individual. As part of our basic modus operandus, we must commit to opposing criminal and violent acts. We walk together at scheduled times, we own the streets, we're visible, we see each other, we talk to each other, we meet regularly, you know my name, and I know yours."

More great thoughts on this topic here.

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