24 January 2008

three next steps from the first week

The city's new Director of Downtown Events and Special Projects outlines the first steps as begins his time in that position:
1. Build a team. To do this, I am . . .

2. Create an interactive website/blog with event calendar - Create email mailing list - Devise a format for a weekly “Downtown Schedule of Events” email listserv. These tools will . . .

3. Establish/reestablish a business and entertainment monthly meeting/forum. For the sake of preventing the reinvention of the wheel . . .

"So, in addition to continuing to learn all of the formal aspects of my job (i.e. permits, security, contracting, etc.), I'll be working on these initiatives as well. I hope to have at least a large portion of the work complete over the course of the next several weeks. It's a significant initial task, however, once accomplished, we will have successful model that we can operate from. This will make the work being done in my capacity (and others that follow) clearly definable, manageable, transparent and effective. That is something we can all be proud of. I thank you for your time and, as always, Defend Youngstown!"
read more here.

and the past weeks updates from Defend Youngstown can be read here, here, and finally here.

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