07 January 2008

For the Love of Books

The Meditations in an Emergency blog reviews moving all of the collected books into one place:
"Between fifteen and now, thirty-two, I’ve purchased hundreds and hundreds of books. I’ve never counted, so I’m not sure exactly how many, but it feels like a ridiculous amount, and probably that cousin who once asked me if I’d really read all those (fifteen or twenty) books would see how many I have now and decide I was completely crazy. Sometimes I wonder if I am too. Couldn’t this be just one more compulsion or obsession that, if books weren’t associated with goodness and learning and information or various other cultural values, in some other form would be diagnosed as some form of neuroses? I don’t know if it’s a little overboard, and I really don’t care in the end; if it’s a neuroses, some compulsion that means something more than the thing itself, but it makes me happy, then it’s a neuroses worth having, is the way I figure."
You can read more here.

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