30 January 2008

will The Stage be at the Yo Club?

Will she, or won't she?
"In its exclusivity, the Yo Club becomes both desirable and intimidating. I want to go there, but I am terrified I won't fit in. I'll show up underdressed and over potty-mouthed, and the whole scene will end badly.

But, as an effort to dispel that myth, the Youngstown Club is planning a series of open-to-the-public-events to draw in new potential members or just people who are eager to taste the cuisine and soak up the environment.

This Friday, February 1, is one such opportunity to check out the space. Starting at 5 pm, the Club will host Bourbon Street Blues, a celebration of Creole. Free hors d'ourves, half price drinks, and a special menu ($18-$24) will be available, and mood music will be provided by blues artist Julius Veal."
read more on the subject here.

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