01 March 2008

bertram's pabulum

The Reason blog produces a post "Why Obama Over Clinton" as a response to Mr DeSouza's column titled "Why Clinton Over Obama". Among the arguements:
"Illinois Senator Barack Obama is certainly not waiting his turn. Indeed, that is a principle issue that seems to be roiling the Democratic establishment. Hillary Clinton, one of their own, with all the right connections, DLC leanings, not to mention the historic trappings of being the first woman nominee is poised for the White House, and this young upstart thinks he can come along and take it from her?! It is this same presumption that has doomed the Clinton campaign and would cause it to falter in the general election, though it is unlikely now to make it that far. It's a good thing, too."

"Both Democratic candidates are proven, capable leaders and executives. After pabulum like that repeated in Bertram de Souza's recent column—that because one Obama supporter couldn't speak intelligently about his Senate record, he must not have accomplished anything of substance—you might be surprised to read real research about Senator Obama's legislative record."
check out more the this quite detailed arguement here.

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