11 March 2008

can't keep up with the burgh


here is the math:

aggressive blogging by Jim + work week travels + eating/sleeping in the margins = needing to play major catch-up with the Burgh Diaspora blog.

Here are some of the ones (among many) that received by attention over the past four weeks:

On Top of the Political World
"Hillary Clinton appeals to Pittsburgh's old guard and Barack Obama is the voice of Pittsburgh's ongoing transformation. The same scenario played out in nearby Youngstown during the Ohio primary. Clinton used Youngstown as a backdrop to highlight the failures of NAFTA. What she ignored, apparently to considerable political gain, are the agents of change infusing the region with energy and hope.

While I appreciate the more nuanced perspective of the region, Newsweek incorrectly identifies Mayor Luke Ravenstahl as the face of "newer Pittsburgh." Ravenstahl represents business-as-usual, quite different from the situation in Youngstown with Mayor Jay Williams."
Pittsburgh's Near-Abroad
"Regardless, the national and international impression must be one of the entire Rust Belt as depressed, backwards, and pissed off. While shrinking cities share many of the same problems, there still exists quite a bit economic geographic variation within the region."
Cleveburgh Globalization Project
"I propose a Yo Cleveburgh pilot, making good use of the Youngstown urban laboratory to develop a set of best practices for addressing the inherent instabilities of globalization. The goal is to develop the Cleveburgh Corridor into a world city on par with Chicago. One of the solutions that Longworth puts on the table is educational reform, though doing so is notoriously difficult.

My hunch is that Youngstown would be more open to innovative approaches in education than just about any other Rust Belt city."
Jim is setting the table for you Youngstown, read more here.

Rust Belt High Skill Immigration Zone Update
"Renowned Law Professor/Author William Hing, UC Davis School of Law, member of Senator Obama's Immigration Policy Group, has picked up on the "High Skill Immigration Zone" proposal and is spreading the word!"

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