11 March 2008

youngstown's treasures moved to other communities

While it nice to see this story about the renovation of the Idora Park Carousel, one can't help but feel Youngstown's history is being taken away from it:
"Now, the carousel is on display in a storefront in Brooklyn, waiting for its final resting spot to be determined. But it won’t have to travel far. Walentas and her husband — a real estate developer — had selected a site for the carousel before the couple ever set eyes on the 1922 Philadelphia Toboggan model that delighted generations of children in Youngstown.

Walentas’ career with the Idora Park carousel began in the early ‘80s, when her husband was charged with revitalizing a former industrial neighborhood known as DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). A partner in the project suggested that the derelict park in the neighborhood’s center — with its striking view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge — would be an ideal spot for a merry-go-round."

"The Idora carousel was a rare find in more ways than one, Walentas said. Handcrafted by master woodcarver Frank Carretta, it was one of the few Walentas that hadn’t been dismembered or relocated. It was one of the most detailed, as well.
Youngstown helped to build this country, and now piece by piece, this history is being removed.

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