14 March 2008

sticks and stones

Very interesting post in the Reason blog today:
"Of course I'm not equating Kern and Ferraro. It was just interesting to contrast two free speech items in the news this week. Kern is a zealot and a bigot who clearly needs to get out some more and meet cooler people. I feel sorry for her and hope all the gay and lesbian friends she doesn't know she already has don't take her comments to heart. I believe that Ferraro is an intelligent woman with her heart in the right place. She just needs to polish her rhetorical skills. There was a message in what she said that could have been delivered more effectively. I'm imagining her words might go something like,
"Senator Obama has found himself in a remarkable position in this campaign, and it's hard for many people to look away. They want to be a part of that movement, even if it's about history and not Mr. Obama himself."
More bite, less perceived racist tenor."
More to read here.

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