07 March 2008

JEDDs report is online

Available at the Youngstown 2010 site, or here.

btw, whoever wrote this report in Cleveland needs to do some proofreading.

It looks really bad when words are spelled incorrectly in the Executive Summary of a study, especially one you have been working on for many many months. Folks, disregard this statement if they re-edited this document by the time you downloaded the report.


Lou said...

Nope. Not edited yet.

"The Situation are not unique."

"confined to regional boarders"

This does not bode well and I hope the paper still has its intended effect.

Or, as the writers might put it: "It's attended affect."

Lou said...

Follow up: The links on the title page work. I've already left an Email and a phone message, Politely informing them they are unprofessional and need to pull the document.

We don't need yet another black eye. Anyone know who locally approved the document?