01 March 2008

the unforgettable Sean Jones

The Youngstown Moxie blog recalls Mr. Jones and his trumpet:
"I don't know exactly why Sean Jones popped into my mind this morning but he did. I was drinking my coffee as usual and reading the daily blogs - and there he was playing in my mind's eye. I went in search of a video to share with you. I hope you enjoy it."

"When I first heard Sean I think he must have been about nineteen or twenty years old. Since then he has traveled far and wide playing awesome music. Occasionally, he has dropped in at various clubs in town, usually around the holidays, but I haven't heard tell of him being around lately, except this morning in my head, so hit the button to demand that he make a visit home."
Sean Jones is one of this country's greatest jazz musicians, and just a few years ago he was tearing down the house at YSU's Jazz Ensembles.

She has started a online petition to bring Mr. Jones back to town. Read more here

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