07 March 2008

YSU Joins Polymer Research Consortium

From a story/press release in the Business-Journal:
"Youngstown State University now is affiliated with the National Science Foundation's Center for Layered Polymeric Systems. Led by researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, the $19 million center focuses on layered polymers -- combining thin layers of plastic or other synthetic materials to create products ranging from packaging materials to optical switches."

"At YSU, the academic collaboration will include work in polymer physics and polymer engineering within the physics and chemical engineering programs. Facilitators are Jim Andrews, professor of physics; Doug Price, associate professor of chemical engineering; and Tom Oder, assistant professor of physics.

Andrews, who has spent most of his career researching optical materials and polymers, said YSU was chosen as an affiliate because of its growing research programs, its strong focus on undergraduate education, and its educational outreach in the YSU service area. “The research leaders at Case were impressed with the way YSU’s new College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics facilitates collaboration among the engineering and science disciplines,” he said."

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