29 March 2008

everyone needs a 3rd arm

The Jambrain blog features some local cooperation:
"Jason Tibolla is on a musical mission: he and his cohorts are making a market for original, local music. Their Pre-Pat Party Saturday at Salty Grog’s was one shining example of their work.

Tibolla, Viking Jim and Pete Drivere host the Sunday night (9-10) Home Grown show on Clear Channel 93.3 which they started this past Thanksgiving to feature local bands doing their original work."

"Most of their shows are at Salty Grog’s (where Commesso tends bar), Barley’s downtown and the Cellar in Struthers. “We are putting 3-5 bands in each show,” Tibolla explained. “They get part of the door, so they know they’re getting something. We take care of all the up-front costs: venue rental, sound, lights, security,” and then make sure it works with a very visible presence.

Cooperative contacts with promoters in other tri-state areas are broadening the exposure for local bands and bringing other bands to Youngstown."
more here.

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