30 March 2008

news: 30 Mar 2008

The city of Akron and Summit County are looking into becoming more efficient by cooperating regionally.
"The Summit County sheriff will help run Akron police for the next 18 months while the departments see if they can save money and boost crime fighting.

Mayor Don Plusquellic on Friday assigned his new deputy mayor of public safety, Larry Givens, to work with Sheriff Drew Alexander on a plan that may be the first step toward a metropolitan police department, the first in Ohio."
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YSU's Dr. Carroll gets to the $4 million point for his work on nuclear isomers.
"YSU’s Isomer Physics Project concentrates on discovery research, trying to develop a better understanding of the fundamental processes with new experiments, he said, rather than looking for applications.

Grant funds pay student wages and research release time for Carroll, buy materials and equipment, and pay the research team’s travel expenses. Carroll plans to take a group to Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago later this year for some off-site experiments there, and another experiment may be scheduled at a facility near Tokyo."
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