01 March 2008

steel valley outdoors on WRTA

A statement from the Steel Valley Outdoors blog:
"But sometimes, just sometimes, we end up having to pay for something just because we need to continue it. MRDD renewals almost always pass. We put up with the orange barrels for smooth roads. Educating our kids gives them good jobs, so they can then pay our Social Security."

"My wife has a vision problem. She cannot drive.

She works in Austintown. I work in Cranberry. We are not poor. We do not expect anyone to support us. I do not understand the argument that only the poor use the bus, that it’s a class warfare thing.

We do not live in the city. We live in Boardman. I do not understand the argument that this is a city thing. This is a regional thing.

This is about providing necessary services to all residents. I pass through New Castle every day. I cannot figure out how come there is a bus [system running] from the hilltop area outside Poland, to the Park and Ride in Portersville and then on to Cranberry and the North Hills, when Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley cannot fund a system that can reliably get you across town.

I said before I’m selfish. I started this blog as a way to promote those activities I like. I want to make money here and bring good jobs into the area so I won’t have to drive an hour to work. I want to teach the next generation about outdoor recreation so it’s protected for me.

And I want my wife to be able to continue to work. I don’t want to have to worry about her being stuck in weather like this, waiting for me or and friend or a taxi to get her home every single day.

We need WRTA. If it’s been mismanaged, if it doesn’t provide a service you use, I understand. But this is a service we need.

Please support it."
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Debra Weaver said...

Thank you for adding your support to the bus levy.

Lou said...

Thanks. I appreciate it.