27 December 2007


Meditations in an Emergency has some great comments in this recent post.

昨日(きのう)ケーブルTVのHistory Channelを見(み)ていたら、「アメリカ人(じん)は何(なに)を食(た)べてきたか? American Eats 」という一連(いちれん)の番組(ばんぐみ)をやっていた。
 アイスクリームに棒(ぼう)をつけたのは、Ohio の Youngstown が最初(さいしょ)だって? Good Humor Man がそれをアメリカ中(じゅう)に広(ひろ)めて、今(いま)では世界(せかい)中で棒(ぼう)アイスが売(う)られている、って。

 Merry Christmas!

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Christopher Barzak said...

Don't know if you could translate it or not, but it says:

"When I was watching cable TV's History Channel yesterday, I saw a series called American Eats is asking the question, What do Americans eat?"

They said Youngstown, Ohio was where the ice cream stick was first invented. The Good Humor Man is throughout America and even now throughout the world, it's being sold. Here in Japan too. Such a ground-breaking event/thing may happen again in Youngstown very soon it seems.