18 December 2007

news: 18 Dec 2007

Venture Capital Funds Look at Valley
“That’s one of the reasons we like what the Youngstown Business Incubator is doing with their focus, because they’re delivering products that have a clear customer demand and they’re able to get what we call the ‘voice of the customer’ involved early in the process,” he continued. “You’re not just developing a technology for technology’s sake. You’re really developing technology for the market that’s out there.”
You can read more about early stage funding in Youngstown here.

First Night Youngstown gets some much needed $
locals step up to fully fund the annual event after one of the past key sponsors pulled out.

Study Recommends NEOUCOM Expansion
"The final recommendation coming out of the North East Ohio Universities Collaboration and Study Commission calls for NEOUCOM to remain a free-standing medical school, albeit with expanded collaborative efforts with other institutions."

Lemon Grove Gets Grant
The Youngstown City Board of Control approved a $5,000 grant for the Lemon Grove LLC, a restaurant/lounge at 122 West Federal St.

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