19 December 2007

news: 19 Dec 2007

WRTA Tries to Go Countywide
some interesting bits from this story in the Vindicator:
Mahoning County commissioners passed a resolution to enable placement of a 0.25 percent, five-year sales tax to support countywide bus service.

Youngstown City Council's resolution would expand the authority's board from five members (four appointed by Youngstown's mayor and one appointed by council) to seven members, with four appointed by the county commissioners and three by the mayor of Youngstown.

WRTA has been forced this year to reduce service by about 50 percent because of state and federal funding cuts. Evening routes, routes to Warren and Saturday service has been removed along with thinning out schedules on its remaining routes. Youngstown city property tax and the fare box provide the only local revenues for WRTA.
It seems like city taxpayers are footing the bill to send people to shop in the suburbs. Maybe a city plus inner-ring suburb tax plan is best.

Youngstown-Taft Technology Center update
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and from the Chief Evangelist:

Wow...what a year!

Added five new B2B software companies to our growing portfolio.

High profile visitors including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Presidential candidate John Edwards, Senator Sherrod Brown, and Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher.

Construction starts on our new $6 million Taft Technology Center to accommodate the tremendous growth of YBI companies.

Secured $1.5 million in funding to establish the National Center of Excellence for Advanced Metrology and 3-Dimensional Imaging.

Portfolio company Turning Technologies tops the Weatherhead 100 list and is named by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing software company in the country.

Stay tuned in 2008. The best is yet to come!

Per Ardua Ad Astra

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