08 December 2007


Over the great blog Burgh Diaspora, they are asking what defines the Diaspora?
"Places help us make sense of the "people who matter." The "people who matter" help us make sense of place. In Paul's article, the people who matter to him defined where he was on Thanksgiving. No matter where he was at the time, Pittsburgh was important.

I'm betting that the answer is yes and that's why the group IntoPittsburgh now exists. IntoPittsburgh isn't an organization or a marketing campaign. It is a collection of people (and existing initiatives) who matter and who are into Pittsburgh. Feel free to self-identify. I did exactly that.

Blogging is an exercise in humility. I didn't invent the idea of leveraging the Burgh Diaspora for purposes of regional economic development. But not only do the like-minded fail to find each other, we fail to do something once we connect. My vision for IntoPittsburgh is doing by connecting."

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