02 December 2007

Grand Buffet & The Realtime Digimob

Abraham White posts this story about the upcoming Grad Buffet and The RealTime DigiMob show at Cedar's this Saturday (december 8th)
"Now to get back on topic. If you decide you want to brave the music scene in Youngstown you should keep checking this site for our recommendations. And we highly recommend that you come out to Cedars Lounge, Saturday December 8th at 10:30/11ish and gear up for a night of good music.

The Realtime Digimob is coming into town hot off the heals of their humorously spaced out, disasterous, gorilla costume-clad performance at Halloweens even at the Stage, (aka Stage Fright). So if you desire a more cohesive less chaotic performance from the group and want something that doesn't involve the tri-jock area then this is your night."

Mark your calendars:
Grand Buffet
w/ The Realtime Digimob
11pm @ Cedars Lounge

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