20 December 2007

news: 21 Dec 2007

Bill contains $17M for area projects
That big ol' omnibus bill contains some goodies for the region. Some highlights:

- $2.4 million to Ajax Tocco of Warren for research and development of tactical metal fabrication systems.
- $1.97 million to Parker Hannifin's Youngstown division for a hybrid hydraulic program
- $1.6 million to establish the Center for Excellence in Industrial Metrology and 3D Imaging Research in Youngstown.
- $500,000 to Syncro Medical System’s development of a feeding tube for battlefield trauma patients.
- $282,000 for an entrepreneurial development initiative named Salute to Success, as part of the high-tech initiative on West Federal Street in downtown Youngstown.

Also, the President is a hypocrite when it comes to condemning earmarks.

Lawrence Co. to extend enterprise zone bounds
The Lawrence County Enterprise Zone's boundaries will expand after receiving approval from DCED, the state's lead economic development agency.

Time to work together says Lt. Governor
"Development officials will hold seven regional planning sessions to come up with a from the Business-Journal: “Development is putting together a plan for the state that relies “very heavily” on regional input. The initial goals should be released in early February, he adds, and the full plan be completed by April."

Festivus in Pittsburgh
The celebration will feature the Leonard Cohen Ensemble from Youngstown

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