05 December 2007

news: 05 Dec 2007

Archives Director Named at YSU
University Archives and Special Collections opened last week on the 5th floor of Maag Library. There you will find documents, publications, photos, and artifacts looking at YSU's history since the late 1800s.

"The area features an exhibit gallery that celebrates the university's history through a series of wall displays on YSU's academic, school, social and athletic traditions through the years. It also features flat screen monitors highlighting prominent YSU alumni, the university's presidents and important events in YSU's history.

In addition to overseeing four full-time staff members, Barragan will work with patrons of the archives, potential donors to the archives, university administrators and the board of trustees in efforts to continue the growth of the archives."

Hospital Leases Space at Boardman St. E's
Select Specialty Services purchased a whole city block to develop on the northside, removed the occupants, has now decided to move to the suburbs, and left a bunch of boarded-up brick homes between the hospital and the university for us to look at every day. Thanks a bunch.

Review of the Oakland's How the Drag Queen Stole Christmas
with pictures!

Medical Center to Support Tuition Fund in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Promise (like Kalamazoo's)
"Beginning next spring, any of the district’s 2,000 seniors, regardless of family income, who have attended public school here for at least the last four years, graduate with a 2.0 grade point average, and attend a public or private college in Pennsylvania will be eligible for $5,000 from the fund to pay for any tuition expenses not covered by other aid.

The district estimates the program could cost $3 million the first year, and more in future years as more students take advantage of it. The program is also seen as a way to retain middle-class families who have been leaving the district when their children reach high school.

Starting next school year, graduating seniors must achieve a 2.5 grade point average to qualify. By 2012, as the fund matures, the scholarship amount will grow to $10,000, and students will have to pass a graduation exam to be eligible for the maximum award.

...the district lost more than 1,100 students this year, dropping to 28,000."

Goodyear has tentative deal to stay in Akron
State chips in $50 million, total investment of project almost $900 million

U.S. Steel Invests $1 billion in Mon Valley Mill
Lots of money reinvested in the other Steel City

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