08 December 2007

news: 08 Dec 2007

Columbus Dispatch's front page story on Youngstown
includes historical photos and a video clip with Jay Williams.

Exhibition of Pavlik Photos at Butler
"The Pavlik title is the local sports moment for this generation. It will be a lifetime memory for the region much like Ray Mancini was 25 years ago," said Vindicator Editor Todd Franko. "A newspaper has a great front-row seat for it, and to team with Butler and Pavlik to present it this way is fantastic for the community."

Wick Neighbors Receive Grants
The $100+ Wick District-Smoky Hollow Plan includes 270 units of new housing, 20,000 square feet of retail space and 10 acres of park and public space.

learn more about Wick Neighbors Inc.

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