06 December 2007

we can prevail

Mayor Williams reflects on a double homicide that took place.
"Back to the issue at hand, I love this City. I believe in the goodness of this City. It is why I sought and intend to re-seek the Office of Mayor. Even on days when Youngstown is seemingly at its worst and it would appear easier to quit, I know that I cannot quit. We cannot quit. As tempting as it might be to write this city off, we, just, cannot, we just will not. We must press on in the face of this unyielding epidemic of violence. As many as there are who would love to see us surrender, there are more who believe, like I do, that we can prevail.

I have to believe that there must be solutions to this issue. No, not the dim-witted and impractical opinions which flow from the peanut gallery of cowards who stand on the sidelines and play armchair quarterback. Instead, I am referring to real life battle-harden solutions for people who are willing to continue the fight on the front lines. We must seek solutions that can bring sustained results to a problem with complexity beyond measure."

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