27 December 2007

news: 27 Dec 2007

YSU Trustees ok Land Swap
Update on the plan to connect the downtown and the university - and the new $36 million business college building (from the Vindicator)

NYC Doubling Program to Get Cops to the Streets
"Every new police officer in New York City will be sent onto the streets of some of the city’s toughest neighborhoods as part of a broad anticrime operation that the authorities say has helped produce historic drops in crime, the city announced on Wednesday."

"Police officials and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said that each of the 914 police recruits being sworn in on Thursday would join the program, Operation Impact. They also announced that crime in almost every major category declined again this year, with violence down in the schools and on the subways and with homicides on track to fall below 500 for the first time since reliable statistics became available 44 years ago." (from nytimes)

Exploring Bo's Background: Forged In . . .
"More than that, the athletes and coaches adopted the survival attitude of the city.

"That's the never-quit mentality," said Heacock, the YSU coach. "It's never going to get bad enough that you would ever surrender here. You may go lose a game. You will never, ever quit at anything."

The list of notable Steel Valley coaches is long. It includes Bob Stoops, his brothers Mike and Mark at Arizona; Bo Pelini and his older brother, Carl, the Nebraska defensive coordinator; Mark Mangino at Kansas; Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Mike Trgovac; and Lou Holtz." (from the Omaha World-Herald)

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