04 December 2007

news: 04 Dec 2007

MAYNSTREAM Launches New Magazine
review of red carpet party at B&O Station downtown for new Youngstown music magazine

Youngstown Magic Sends Ohio State to the BCS
Youngstown's Bob Stoops, head coach of Oklahoma, kicked Missouri's butt to send OSU to the Championship.

Youngstown's Jim Tressel, head coach of Ohio State, will be going to New Orleans as #1 in the country.

Youngstown's Bo Pellini, now at LSU and new head coach for Nebraska, should just leave the South now and get busy with the Cornhuskers.

Youngstown's Mark Mangino, head coach of Kansas, can be proud of reaching the #2 ranking this season.

All of these men, who so impacted 1-A football this season, have one thing in common . . .

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